Citrix to release a free platform for desktops: XenWorkstation

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By now it should be clear that Citrix will do everything possible to keep its leadership in the application virtualization space and increase its relevance in the hardware virtualization space.

The first step was giving away XenServer (with Live Migration, Resource Pools and much more) for free.

The second step will be releasing a free virtualization platform for the desktops: XenWorkstation.

Please note that this has nothing to do with the client hypervisor that Citrix is developing with Intel.
This is a type-2 version (or hosted VMM) of Xen that will run on consumer hardware, exactly like VMware Player/Workstation/Fusion, Parallels Workstation/Desktop, Sun VirtualBox or Microsoft Virtual PC.
And Citrix may release it as soon as next week according to sources.

Xen will run as a kernel module and will be available for Windows and Mac OS X hosts.

A part of the VMware early success depend on Workstation: the product is so good that spread across the world and crawled into the biggest corporations without passing through long enterprise sale.
System and software engineers introduces the culture of VMware inside their companies using Workstation on daily basis for simple tasks: testing a new product or OS, developing code, separating the private and the business workspace, etc.

Citrix badly need to build a reputation in the virtualization community. And a free XenWorkstation may be another good way to do so.