InstallFree hires Thinstall and Kidaro executives away from VMware and Microsoft

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The young application virtualization startup InstallFree (launched in April 2008) must be really interesting if it was able to hire away a former Thinstall executive from VMware and a former Kidaro executive from Microsoft.

The first one is Jean Morain, who served as Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Thinstall before the VMware acquisition in January 2008.
Prior to Thinstall, Morain was at BMC Software, Inc., where she was senior manager of the Configuration Automation Products Group.
Morain will cover the role of Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at InstallFree.

The second one is Carl M. Wright, who served as Vice President, Sales and Corporate Strategy at Kidaro before the Microsoft acquisition in April 2008.
Wright previously held executive roles at Decru (purchased by NTAP) and Securify (purchased by SCUR), and served as Chief Information Security Officer for the U.S. Marine Corps.
Wright will cover the role of Senior Vice President of Sales at InstallFree.

The reason why InstallFree needs both Thinstall and Kidaro executives expertise is that the startup is trying to play two games at the same time.
On one side it’s offering a remarkable application virtualization product that really shines against some more popular competitors.
On another side it’s trying to leverage its approach to application virtualization in a way that the engine could offer the same capabilities currently offered by security wrappers like the former Kidaro Managed Workspaces: