Rent-A-Lab welcomes EMC

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As most readers may know, exactly two years ago and its partner Kybernetika announced the availability of a data center facility that can be rented and accessed online.
We called it Rent-A-Lab, the on-demand data center for virtualization professionals.

Over the months this facility was scaled up and upgraded, at a point that now Rent-A-Lab is split into two independent data centers, offering a grand total of 28 enterprise servers (HP DL 380 G5, each with 2 x Quad Core Intel E5420 2.5GHz) and over 35TB of storage, distributed in multiple arrays from the leading vendors in the market.

Today we are happy to announce that availability of two EMC Celerra NS20 machines as part of the Rent-A-Lab equipment, featuring

  • 45 disks with 146GB each
  • 6 Fibre Channel interfaces (4GB)
  • 8 Ethernet interfaces (1GB) that can be accessed through iSCSI, NFS and CIFS protocols


With EMC, NetApp, Dell EqualLogic, HP and Pillar storage side by side, Rent-A-Lab is the perfect playground to test how the hypervisors perform with different back-ends.

To demonstrate the value (and the speed) of this infrastructure we are preparing something special for our readers. Stay tuned!

hint: this has something to do with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Meanwhile you may want to take a look at the actual configuration of Rent-A-Lab.