Tools: Virtualization Manager Mobile

VMM Andrew Kutz, the man who did reverse engineering of the VMware VirtualCenter 2.5 (now vCenter) plug-in system, creating a number of tremendously helpful unofficial plug-ins, is back.

This time Kuts launches a more ambitious project: a management interface for mobile devices (yes, including the iPhone and Google Android phones) that supports multiple hypervisors.

Dubbed Virtualization Manager Mobile (VMM) the product is currently in beta and already supports VMware Infrastructure 3.5, Microsoft Hyper-V 2008, Citrix XenServer 5.0 and even VMware Server 2.0.

VMM allows to turn on and off any virtual machine and control its resource consumption (vCPU and vRAM).

To make this possible Kutz developed a Unified Virtualization API (UVAPI) that can even be extended by 3rd party developers.

VMM, which is developed as an Apache Tomcat 6 web application, will be available in two editions, Full and Lite.
The only difference between the edition is that the former is a fully-featured AJAX web application while the latter is a static HTML one.
A demo of both is available here: Full demoLite demo (in both cases logon with the username and password: vmmdemo)

During the beta VMM is free, then it will turn into a commercial solution.