Virtualization Congress 2009 US – Call for Startups

Today we’ve closed the voting session for the Virtualization Congress 2009 US Call for Papers.
As many of you probably read in the past weeks, the initiative was very successful as we collected 98 submissions (and more are coming in these hours).

It’s amazing the time that our readers took to review them and vote.
Unfortunately, somebody tried to abuse the chance to vote anonymously (something we did to not bother people with yet another registration system) and cheated in a shameless way. But we have the proper tools to discover which votes are inflated.
Besides that your feedback has helped us a lot to understand how the agenda should be. Thanks!

Now it’s time for another call: the Call for Startups.
On stage we don’t want just the best speakers talking about the real-world challenges in planning, designing, implementing and maintaining virtual data center.

The Virtualization Congress wants to be also a place where new virtualization firms can launch and show revolutionary new technologies.

This year we’ll offer the stage, at no cost, to maximum six early-stage startups.
Each of them will have at least 10 minutes to demo their product, for the first time, in front of the Virtualization Congress audience.

At the end of the show the attendees will be able to vote for the most interesting company and the winner will get an entire year of advertising on
That’s correct: the winner will be able to place a banner on for 12 months, completely free.

The list of virtualization vendors that have advertised with us so far speaks by itself, and with the tough economy we have these days we believe that this is a valuable prize.

Read the rules and apply here.