Virtualization Congress 2009: vote for the best proposals!

The’s Virtualization Congress 2009 will take place in May 5-7 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, co-hosted with other three great events (Citrix iForum, Network World Live! and Geek Speak).

On Dec 1st we launched a Call for Papers to deliver some great contents on stage.
In one month, despite the closing quarter and the holidays, we received an amazing 97 submissions.

As promised, today we publish all of them, title and abstract, so you can vote for the most interesting ones and help us to build the event you’d like to attend.
We just removed any reference to the speaker, so there’s an exclusive focus on the topic.

To simplify the whole process we setup a Digg-like interface where you can anonymously promote (up arrow) or demote (down arrow) each presentation.
You can even comment each abstract (and we encourage you to do so), so the speakers can have some early feedbacks and fine-tune their presentations to match your needs.
Last but not least there’s a search if you are looking for something in particular and don’t want to browse all the 97 submissions.

Here we go:

Some of the proposals you’ll find there:

  • Building a Business Case for your virtualization projects
  • Cloud Computing Adoption Model
  • Designing a Stable Virtual Infrastructure
  • Hypervisor Competitive Differences: What the Vendors Aren’t Telling You
  • iPhone Virtualization
  • Power and Cooling in the Datacenter
  • Security Architecture for VDI
  • Virtual Infrastructures: Scale Up or Scale Out? Rack or Blade form factors?
  • Virtualized Storage for Virtualized IT: Best Practices for Maximizing Efficiency, Flexibility, and Data Protection
  • VM Sprawl Case Study Findings