Release: VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 1.0 Update 1

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Last week VMware silently released the first update for its disaster recovery solution: Site Recovery Manager 1.0.

The new build (128004) introduces some important new features like: a more granular permissions scheme that differentiates between users allows to test the recovery plan and users allowed to actually run it, and the support for raw disk mapping (which brings in the support for Microsoft Cluster Server)

The bad news is VMware doesn’t offer backward compatibility for the Update 1, so all SRM 1.0 clients must be updated along with the servers.

As you may see the update brings in also a new name: vCenter Site Recovery Manager.
VMware has recently renamed many products, highlighting how they are integrated with vCenter (renamed as well from VirtualCenter). 

It’s a pleasure to see how the size of the product names is invariably proportioned to the size of the company. The only other explanation is that Microsoft marketing experts are now hired at VMware.
In any case now it will be hard to have fun of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2 if it will ever come out.