Novell rebrands ZENworks as part of the PlateSpin portfolio

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In February Novell took its first major step to become a relevant player in the virtualization market by acquiring PlateSpin, one of the most famous VMware partner in P2V migration and capacity planning.

Novell anticipated a full integration of the new subsidiary by the end of this year, despite the two vendors use very different technologies to develop their products.

It remains unclear if PlateSpin PowerConvert and PowerRecon will ever be included in ZENworks Orchestrator, but today Novell at least unveiled its go-to-market strategy:

  • ZENWorks Orchestrator is moved into the PlateSpin product portfolio, rebranded as Orchestrate
  • PlateSpin PowerRecon becomes just Recon
  • PlateSpin PowerConvert is forked in two products: Migrate and Protect

The four products now go under the portfolio name of PlateSpin Workload Management.

The rebranded version of ZENworks Orchestrator should be released in Q1 2009.