VKernel wants to benchmark virtual machines resource allocation

vkernel logo

The startup VKernel is definitively full of resources, both in terms of development effort and ideas.

The company just launched an interesting website called CompareMyVM, where it hopes to collect from the community how many virtual resources are allocated for a certain workloads.

Analyzing the (anonymously) submitted data, VKernel aims at benchmarking the typical approach that virtualization professionals take when deploying new virtualized applications.

The website also allows to rate and vote each submitted configuration so that CompareMyVM can easily turn into a recommendation engine for virtualization newcomers.


In some ways this is something similar to the new Benchmarking Service that Google introduced in its Analytics tool: by submitting anonymous statistics the website owners can cooperate in measuring the average performance of several web categories and check where their website is positioned.

The difficult part will be keeping the community engaged and provide enough details about each submitted configuration to make it relevant for others.