Lanamark offers some capacity planning for free

lanamark logo

The Canadian startup Lanamark (see coverage here) is taking serious steps to promote its capacity planning service after just one month after the launch.

The company now offers a free, one-time capacity planning assessment for up to 500 desktops and servers, for a maximum of 10 days.

As expected, customers signing for this service will receive a performance trend report containing information about physical machines and workloads inventory, as well as CPU and memory usage.

This is a smart move from Lanamark: capacity planning is one of the fundamental steps that every company embracing virtualization should take but its cost is often too high to justify the investment.
With a one-time free assessment the startup may demonstrate the value of its service.

Nonetheless the company may have other reasons behind this promotion: the competition with VMware on is harsh as the virtualization leader is offering its hosted Capacity Planner for free since July and it includes a basic capacity planning tool in VI 3.5 at no additional cost.