Release: icomasoft VI PowerScripter Professional 1.0

icomasoft logo

The Swiss startup icomasoft (see coverage here) is finally ready to RTM its first product: the VI PoweScripter Professional 1.0.

The product basically integrates a Microsoft PowerShell runtime into the VMware Infrastructure Client so that any .ps script can be executed against a host or a virtual machine in the VirtualCenter database.

The features that version 1.0 includes make the product very interesting:

  • Integrated Scheduler for automation of management tasks in VMware
  • SSH CmdLet for file copy and command execution on SSH Servers, such as VMware ESX, Linux, Solaris, Network and Storage Systems
  • Support for network shares scripts
  • Activity log files
  • Includes icomasoft script templates for the most common VI management tasks, such as “setup and delete virtual switches and port groups”, “change of root passwords on ESX hosts”, “restart of host-based VirtualCenter agents”, “disconnect virtual drives”, search and display of VMware log files, automate or control VMware Consolidated Backup, various statistics, etc.

Download a trial here.