Demo: Cisco Nexus 1000V and VMware Infrastructure 4 in action

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It’s not a secret that one of the most wanted innovations coming with VMware Infrastructure 4 is the new pluggable virtual network. Many customers are specially waiting for the first 3rd party virtual switch that Cisco will offer to leverage the new opportunity: the Nexus 1000V.

Tomorrow the company will host a public webcast where several new technologies related to virtualization are discussed and demoed. The Nexus 1000V is among them and will be shown in action while networking a bunch of VI 4 virtual machines:


Cisco just published a small preview clip about this part:


The Nexus 1000V is not the only interesting thing that will appear in the show. Cisco will also present its new Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) 4.1, that we know is featuring an hypervisor.

Maybe during the webcast we’ll finally discover what hypervisor is.