Release: Lanamark Suite 2008

In June a new startup focused on capacity planning came out of the stealth mode: Lanamark.
Last week the company finally launched its first product: Suite 2008.

As detailed in its early coverage, Lanamark Suite is made by an information collector that must be deployed at the customer’s site (Explorer), an online site where the collected data can be accessed (Portal) and a Windows application where data can be analyzed (Studio).


This 3-tiers architecture is specifically designed to target solution providers: a single Explorer machine can be deployed to each customer, all customers can be centrally managed through the Portal, each customer environment can be studied and carefully planned in-office thanks to the Studio without wasting time at the customer’s site.

The Suite is available as Professional and Team editions, starting at $40 per workload, but at the moment the company also offers a free trial to asses up to 200 servers.  

It’s impressive how Lanamark designed the product strictly following Microsoft design principles, from the version numbering and the edition naming to the UI featuring the Office 2007 ribbon.
The company even offers a Microsoft World 2007 plug-in to automatically generate reports so it’s easy to guess what buyer is specially welcome to discuss an early acquisition.

As already said, Lanamark will have a hard time to conquer market shares now that VMware offers its Capacity Planner for free to all its partners.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.