Quest/Provision Networks releases serious enhancements for Microsoft RDP

Despite Quest is not a company directly focused on virtualization, its acquisition of Provision Networks didn’t swamp at all the small startup focused on desktop virtualization and VDI.

Au contraire: after the acquisition, Provision Networks continued to achieve remarkable successes like signing a major OEM agreement with Parallels in June or releasing the first connection broker supporting Microsoft Hyper-V in July.

It’s clear that the company aims at becoming the cross-platform VDI leader, but to do so has to provide  something really innovative to overcome the well-known technical issues plaguing any virtual desktop infrastructure.

Provision Networks starts from the inadequacy of the current remote desktop protocols, releasing a performance enhancer for Microsoft RDP.

Delivered through a Desktop Optimization Pack, this new software accelerates the multimedia tasks and reduces the overall connection latency. Additionally it provides bi-direction audio.

The company claims a 8x compression factor for RDP sessions.
The videos are pretty eloquent so Provision Networks may have something serious to discuss with Microsoft now.

The pack is available now as part of the refreshed Virtual Access Suite (VAS) 5.10 originally released in July.