Microsoft offers API for 3rd VDI connection brokers

It’s well known that multiple companies are working to deliver connection broker capabilities to the new Microsoft Hyper-V 1.0. The list includes at least Citrix, Quest/Provision Networks, Ericom and VDIworks.

So far anyway was unclear how these company interact with Hyper-V and how complex it could be for newcomers.
Now Microsoft clarifies that it exposes a new set of APIs for the Terminal Services Session Broker to achieve the task:

…while the built-in functionality of the TS Session Broker in WS08 only supports routing connections to terminal server sessions, we’ve created a set of APIs that ISVs can use to create connection brokers for other kinds of devices. Basically, these APIs allow you to lobotomize the TS Session Broker and replace its brain—its brokering mechanism—with a new plug-in. This plug-in can contain a new set of rules that support redirection to other types of destinations. It can also provide different means of deciding the best target for new connections, such as load balancing rules based on server resources or login time…

The existence of these APIs could simplify the entrance of new competitors in the VDI market, which is becoming hotter and more crowded every quarter.