Japanese Edition scores impressive growth

At the end of February 2008, launched its first localized version in Japan.

Providing a daily, quality translation of all contents appearing on this website have been possible only thanks to the outstanding work of our exclusive partner for Japan: Networld.

Translating in Japanese implies a big effort for a notable number of people and a big bet, but the results we gotten so far are impressive.

In just 6 months JP became a leading news source in Japan, achieving over 1,000 page views and almost 500 feed subscribers per day.

More than that, and amazingly enough, the total number of unique visitors scored in July surpassed the ones that has from UK. recognizes Japan as a key emerging market and we are proud to evangelize the country about the many vendors, products and technologies that we have covered here since 2003.

We are working hard to put online a few additional localized versions.
If you distribute virtualization products in non-English countries and are interested in a business partnership let us know.