Xen 3.3 now available

As expected, Xen.org announced the availability of Xen 3.3.

This new version of the open source hypervisor includes important features, including:

  • Power management (P & C states) in the hypervisor
  • Shadow3: optimizations to make this the best shadow pagetable algorithm yet, making Hardware Virtual Machines performance better than ever
  • CPUID feature levelling: allows safe domain migration across systems with different CPU models
  • PVSCSI drivers for SCSI access direct into PV guests
  • Full x86 real-mode emulation for HVM guests on Intel VT: supports a much wider range of legacy guest OSes

As Xen powers a number of commercial hypervisors (Citrix XenServer, Virtual Iron, Oracle VM and by some degrees Sun xVM Server) as well as notable enterprise operating systems (Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux), it’s assured that all these products will start to integrate the new features over the next few months.

Download it here.