The Vanguards network surpasses 1500 members

In November 2007 launched a tool to simplify the networking between virtualization professionals across the globe.
We adopted LinkedIn as back-end infrastructure (and we couldn’t be happier) and called it Vanguards.

In May 2008 the network reached 1000 members. Just three months later it grew by another 50% as we now reach 1520 members.

There’s a number of reasons to be part of this independent directory. Some of them are listed on the Vanguards home page. Others are less evident:

  • We operate a strict selection on the members, accepting (at the moment) only those professionals involved in the plan, design, implementation and management of virtual infrastructures.

    This means that, in most cases, the Vanguards are CIOs/CTOs, IT Managers, System Architects and Engineers.
    This means that you will not be contacted by sales and marketing managers, PR, head hunters as these professionals are not accepted in the group.

    Because of this policy so far we rejected 200 submissions.
    Of course our filtering is not always perfect: sometimes one of those above can accidentally be accepted but we review our member list frequently to maintain the network as much in topic as possible.

  • We are actively working to provide the existing members some special benefits.
    Last week, finally, we started to send out the first round of emails to announce the first benefit (if you didn’t receive it check your SPAM cartel or wait some more days as you may be in the queue).

    While we don’t reveal what the benefits are outside the network, it’s easy to guess what we could offer in this specific period of the year…

So thank you!
We hope that the Vanguards network is a valuable resource for your business and that in the near future you’ll have even more reasons to be a member.

We also hope to reach 2000 members by the end of the year. If you feel like it sounds interesting sign up now.