Veeam launches Monitor 3.0 beta program

Veeam is preparing to roll out the third generation of its products.
Last week the startup launched the beta program of Reporter 3.0 and now it does the same with Monitor 3.0.

The new version will introduce some really interesting features, including:

  • Data aggregation from multiple VMware VirtualCenters
  • Alarm simulation (test the effect of your new alarm filter against the events history)
  • Trend analyzer (forecast the virtual center growth and the most-consumed resources per host to simplify the capacity planning)
  • Data correlation between registered events and virtual machines performance
  • Analysis of the historical data available inside VirtualCenter

Some of these features are killer independently of the current level of implementation.
For example the data correlation is critical to finally see the virtual infrastructure as a complex, tightly connected entity rather than as a bunch of isolated guest operating systems.

Enroll for the beta program here.