Virtugo mysteriously disappears

The complex story of the virtualization firm Virtugo seems to have reached an end.

The company surfaced in April 2006 with a suite of utilities to enhance VMware ESX.
Just one year later another US firm, uXcomm, decided to acquire Virtugo for an unknown amount and after two months to take its name.

The uXcomm President and CEO, Patrick Burns, kept its role in the new entity while the Virtugo co-founder, Chris Dickson, left after 11 months for a position as Vice President in CA.

Besides a major release in September 2007, the company has been deadly silent in these months. Even too silent: two weeks ago reported a fault in the Virtugo and uXcomm websites and so far the situation has not changed.

uXcomm raised a notable amount of money in three rounds at least: $13.6 Million (Series B) and $4 Million (Series C). The amount of the first round of investments is unknown.
One of the venture capital firms behind the company, Foundation Capital, still lists the firm in its portfolio while the other two, Intel Capital and OVP Venture Partners, don’t.

Additionally, a number of Virtugo employees (including key executives) recently left the company:

  • the former Vice President of Development, Gary Klimowicz, left in March
  • the former CEO and Board member of uXcomm, Mark Sigal, left in March

Isn’t clear if the company still exists and this is just a technical issue but it’s very unlikely that a silly website problem can last more than two weeks.