Release: CiRBA Data Center Intelligence 5.0

The Canadian company CiRBA launches today the newest version of Data Center Intelligence (DCI).

DCI is more than a static capacity planning tool useful only for the first P2V migration phase: it monitors the virtual infrastructure on continuous basis and suggests the virtual machines best arrangement across virtualization hosts at any moment, depending on several factors that customers can specify with rules.


Depending on which rules an operator can write, DCI can suggest different placements, so the product may become complex to use in the proper way.
To accomplish the task in an easier way this new major release introduces a set of predefined and customizable analysis templates, including:

  • Financial Analysis 
    DCI 5.0 introduces integrated financial analysis by enabling the results of an analysis to be directly inserted into any Excel-based financial model.  CiRBA 5.0 includes a default model that provides a comprehensive TCO/ROI calculation, factoring in both capital and operational savings, applying hardware, power, facilities and staff costs to analysis results to determine the true financial profile of each strategy being considered.
  • Power Consumption Analysis 
    DCI 5.0 provides the ability to analyze both measured and estimated power draw for individual IT systems, and rolls these measures up to overall utilization for groups of servers and entire data centers.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.