Qumranet works on virtual desktop relocation to improve VDI performance

Qumranet, the US startup launched in November 2007, is already well-known for its efforts in improving the end user experience in VDI environments: the SPICE remote desktop protocol which powers its Solid ICE product was written from scratch to address the RDP and ICA shortcomings.

Now the company reveals that it’s working on another technology to further improve the SPICE performance.

The new feature, called SPLICE (easy to confuse with their SPICE protocol), will address the latency issues suffered by end users which access a virtual desktop from a distant WAN location (e.g.: a branch office).
To limit the performance impact, SPLICE will be able to transparently relocate a virtual desktop from the headquarter to the branch office.

At the moment Qumranet doesn’t reveal any further detail about how this will happen, but informs that SPLICE will be included in a special product called Solid ICE Multi-site, soon available as technical preview.

To use this feature customers will probably have to build an architecture which has multiple Solid ICE servers, one at the headquarter and one for each remote location.

virtualization.info will post additional details as soon as possible.