Novell may complete the PlateSpin integration by the end of 2008

One of the biggest question raised after the Novell acquisition of PlateSpin in Februrary was: how much time the company will need to integrate the virtualization firm technologies?

PlateSpin products in fact are, as far as we know, 100% developed with Microsoft technologies which are not exactly easy to integrate with the Java-based enterprise management product ZENWorks.

While a code blend isn’t a mandatory step, it seems hard to believe that Novell wants to maintain .NET applications over the long term (even if it has a strong partnership with Microsoft).
Therefore a very long integration process is expected.

Now CRN publishes an article where Jill Henry, Director of UK Channel Development at Novell, reveals that the integration may complete by the end of this year.

She’s probably referring to the branding and sales channels only, so far PlateSpin continued to operate as an independent subsidiary, keeping its brand and its website. But it’s the first step for a complete technology integration.