ManageIQ announces EVM Suite 2.0

The US startup ManageIQ is preparing the second version of its products EVM Insight and EVM Control, bundled as EVM Suite.

EVM Insight 2.0 includes a much broader capability to discover the virtual data center elements and track their changes.
The product now discovers both network and storage logical partitions, VLANs and LUNs, it recognizes the new virtual machine format OVF and any VM snapshot.
All these elements, along with other inner details like the virtual hardware metadata or the guest OS registry settings are now tracked and correlated.
The user can visualize how the whole data data center changed over time on revamped Virtual Timelines, and can be even informed of changes over RSS.

EVM Control 2.0 instead includes additional features to simplify the configuration policy management.
Among them a Policy Template Library, a more granular customization for the snapshots and clones policy, support for multiple policy profiles, and role delegation.


ManageIQ plans to release the new products in July 2008.