Virtual Iron has a new VDI alliance, with 2X this time

Virtual Iron just closed a deal with 2X, a US company in the thin computing market since a long time, to develop a VDI architecture.

The company product that may act as a connection broker is the ThinClientServer, which centrally manage the remote desktop sessions to terminal services farms and keeps track of users activity. So 2X is probably working to extend this product’s capabilities and support the Virtual Iron infrastructure.

The press release doesn’t mention any timeframe for a product launch.

It’s interesting to highlight how Virtual Iron already had a major VDI partner: Provision Networks.
The two companies closed an agreement in April 2007, which allowed to bundle the hypervisor and the connection broker together.

Maybe the Quest acquisition of Provision Networks compromised the existing deal, obliging Virtual Iron to find a new partner.

Update: Quest reported to that the deal with Virtual Iron still exists and that the agreement terms didn’t change so far.