Propalms releases its connection broker in beta

Announced in January, Propalms makes its move in the VDI space and includes connection broker capabilities in the new TSE 6.0 beta.

The available documentation doesn’t provide much details about the feature that the new component will offer, besides the support for Microsoft Virtual Server and the upcoming Hyper-V, as well as for VMware ESX.

It’s interesting to note how Propalms put out of focus this major enhancement in the available documentation, despite VDI seems the market segment on which almost every vendor is betting.
Even if the company will use the cross-platform support as the major selling point, it will have to compete with Quest/Provision Networks, Leostream, Ericom and possibly also Sun.

The final version of TSE 6.0 is expected for the end of this month.
Enroll for the beta program here.