Rent-A-Lab goes bigger and multi-vendor

Over one year ago, in collaboration with its trusted partner Kybernetika, launched its on-demand data center that our readers can rent and manage from any part of the world: Rent-A-Lab.

We offer full control on nearly every aspect of the configuration for all the equipment (servers, SAN zones, network switches), providing a blazing fast and reliable connectivity, and an absolutely qualified support.
Probably for these reasons, in a short amount of time Rent-A-Lab became an absolute blockbuster and it often happens that the entire data center goes overbooked.

We started with just nine dual-core servers and two fibre channel SANs, all from the same vendor.
Today we are glad to announce that the Rent-A-Lab infrastructure is much bigger and most of all is finally multi-vendor.

First of all we have twenty quad-core servers from HP. Each one has 2 Intel CPUs, 4GB RAM, 6 Gigabit Ethernet and at least 2 Fibre Channel adapters.

But is in the storage area where we excel. Now we have four enterprise storage arrays: the Dell/Equallogic PS5000E and PS5000XV iSCSI SAN, the HP StorageWorks MSA 1000 Fibre Channel SAN, and the Pillar Axiom 500 Fibre Channel / iSCSI SAN.


A unique equipment to test the soon to be released VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and all the other virtualization products that we daily cover at

We’ll continue to update the infrastructure, adding more hardware from multiple vendors, so that Rent-A-Lab becomes the preferred on-demand data center for worldwide virtualization professionals.

Meanwhile enjoy the equipment that we can offer today.