Enigmatec partners with Scalent

Quoting from the Enigmatec official announcement:

Enigmatec Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise-class run book automation (RBA) software, and Scalent Systems, the leading provider of infrastructure virtualization software for large data centers, today announced an integration partnership to enable policy driven automation of server repurposing in the data center. This partnership combines policy-based IT process automation from Enigmatec and server repurposing from Scalent to deliver an integrated software solution to dynamically place compute resources where and when they are needed in the data center. This implementation of real-time infrastructure dramatically lowers data center management operations costs while increasing flexibility in the face of business need change…

The partnership between Enigmatec and Scalent is particularly interesting even if there are no details about the actual integration: both companies offer automation capabilities at different levels and combining together customers may near the autonomic computing environment that virtualization is making easier to realize.