Symantec creates an Endpoint Virtualization Business Unit

After over one year since the acquisition, Symantec is finally operating the integration of Altiris in its corporate departments.

It’s not clear anyway if and in which way the security giant will pitch the successful Altiris application virtualization product: SVS.

The subsidiary in fact will disappear inside the Symantec Security and Compliance department, while a brand new Endpoint Virtualization department will be created, as reported by eWeek.

There are no details available yet but this reorganization may mean just two things:

  • the first option is that Symantec plans to use SVS only to deliver virtualized versions of its endpoint security agents (the anti-virus is probably the first in the list)
  • the second option is that Symantec will seriously enter the corporate desktop virtualization market, a space where VMware, Microsoft and few others are already busy with VDI, application virtualization and virtual machines security wrappers

In the first case Altiris SVS would be clearly out of the application virtualization market. In the second case Symantec may soon need more than just SVS to compete with the other players.