Release: VMware Player 2.0.3 / Workstation 6.0.3 / ACE 2.0.3 / Server 1.0.5

In a single day VMware released minor updates for all its platform products but ESX Server.

The new VMware Player, Workstation and Server builds are just fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities (including the long expected one about Shared Folders), but ACE 2.0.3 also introduces some new features:

  • Power-off scripts inclusion
    ACE now allows defining a power-off script for Windows and Linux guest OSes
  • Windows logon customization
    ACE now allows pre-definining the username and password to be used for new guest OSes
  • MAC address pools support
    ACE now allows defining a set of MAC addresses to be assigned from the ACE management server

Trials or free versions are available for all product:

Besides these updates all these products are expected to receive a major upgrade in the near future. In fact VMware is working on Server 2.0 and Workstation 6.5.