Waiting for VMworld Europe 2008 – Part 7

The first european edition of VMworld is almost here. VMware will open the conference within 2 weeks in Cannes and in the days before the event it’s rushing to put in place an impressive infrastructure (10 racks) for the Hands-on Labs.

virtualization.info will be in Cannes and will cover the keynotes and all new announcements. Check previous coverage of TSX 2007 in Nice (part 1 and part 2) and VMworld 2007 in San Francisco.

Since January virtualization.info is presenting a number of VMware product managers and staff engineers coming from US to present many VMworld Europe lectures. Last week we introduced Devaki Kulkarni, Senior MTS, and Jeffrey Buell, Senior Staff Engineer. Today we have Mostafa Khalil, Staff Product Support Engineer:

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Register for VMworld Europe 2008 here.