TechTalk: a Q&A about Quest virtualization strategy with Scott Herold

Quest involvement in virtualization has increased substantially over the last two years. The company initially made a controlling investment in Vizioncore in 2005, acquired Invirtus in June 2007, then Provision Networks in November 2007. Last month Quest finally completed the acquisition of Vizioncore.

While the acquired companies are focused on different virtualization segments (disaster recovery, VDI, P2V migration and virtual machines performance optimization), Quest itself has long been well-known for its focus on software management of applications, databases and operating systems like Windows.

So while Quest is becoming a major virtualization player, its parallel business focus, its acquisition strategy and its current relationship with its subsidiaries in virtualization can be confusing to customers. met Scott Herold, the new Lead Architect of Quest’s Virtualization Business Unit, to ask for clarification about the big picture.

With this Q&A opens a new section of the website called TechTalk, which collects all the exclusive interviews we published over these years.

Each of them contain precious informations unavailable in official press announcements, and reading some of the oldest ones knowing how the virtualization market evolved in these last three years really provides a unique perspective.

Read the entire interview with Scott Herold here.