Citrix to launch automation workflow for XenServer

Quoting from CRN:

In order to start making its various virtualization applications work better together, Citrix also expects to introduce Citrix Workflow Studio, a software package that composes the workflows of XenApp, XenServer, XenDesktop, and NetScaler, the latter of which accelerates the delivery of Web-based applications, Hartwick said.

Citrix Workflow Studio also makes it easier to integrate Citrix products with third-party technologies, he said.

The company could use Citrix Workflow Studio to design a workflow to automatically provision the employee’s desktop and applications. Scripts could be set up so that a manager could handle the provisioning without intervention from the IT department, he said.

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Citrix is also planning to unveil XenServer Platinum Edition, which features automatic provisioning of application workloads, Dhawan said. It is expected to be available shortly after the release of XenServer 4.1, and have a list price of about $5,000, which allows application workloads to be provisioned on an unlimited number of virtual servers on one physical server, as well as on three other physical servers, he said…