Waiting for VMworld Europe 2008 – Part 5

At the end of next month VMware will open the doors of its first VMworld Europe conference, an extended and enriched version of well-known Technical Solution Exchange (TSX).

On stage the company is expected to unveil some interesting news considering all acquisitions completed in the last months (Determina, Dunes Technologies, Thinstall). Most of the message may be focused on data center automation as revealed by the following session:

  • From the Virtualized to the Automated Datacenter [SM3]
    At the most recent Gartner Datacenter Conference in November 2007, the leading analyst firm proclaimed that “As virtualization matures, the “next big thing” will be automating the composition and management of these virtualized resources”.
    As the leader in x86 virtualization, VMware will lead the way from the virtualized to the automated datacenter. In the first half of 2008 VMware will introduce a line up of new products that will help customers automate and streamline key IT processes such as IT service delivery and IT service continuity.

virtualization.info will be in Cannes to cover the keynotes and all new announcements. Check previous coverage of TSX 2007 in Nice (part 1 and part 2) and VMworld 2007 in San Francisco.

The whole January virtualization.info published exclusive introductory videos of some US product managers and staff engineers describing their sessions:

This month we start with a specially interesting guest, Eddie Dinel, Product Manager for the just unveiled Stage Manager:

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