Phoenix to unveil its virtualization strategy in February

In October 2006 broke the news of a new hypervisor, HyperSpace, integrated in upcoming Phoenix BIOS, which was officially confirmed in November.

Now Phoenix is finally ready to unveil its virtualization strategy, which involves HyperSpace as part of a new platform called PC 3.0:

Phoenix Technologies Ltd. , the global leader in core systems firmware, announced today that Rich Arnold, the Company’s COO and CFO, will be presenting to the investment community on January 31, 2008, at the Southwest Securities Small Cap Growth Conference in Dallas, TX, and on February 19, 2008, at the Roth 20th Annual OC Growth Stock Conference in Dana Point, CA.

The presentation will also include the Company’s vision for PC 3.0 based on Phoenix HyperSpace(TM), an innovative platform the Company believes will ignite a PC revolution by transforming the personal computing experience. The recently announced HyperSpace platform is enabled by an efficient hypervisor also from Phoenix, called HyperCore(TM), a lightweight Zoned Virtual Machine Monitor (ZVMM) that virtualizes the PC platform to offer specialized services for PC users, side-by-side with Windows…

The presentation will be available here.