INSYSTEK announces (again) beta support for virtualization products

With a series of announcement published since this January (and wrongly reporting the year 2007), the US company INSYSTEK announces that its management suite, TotalView, extends its support to some virtualization platforms, VMware ESX Server and Citrix XenServer, and to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. The support is in beta.

Unfortunately this is not the first time INSYSTEK publishes such kind of announcements:

  • The first one was in September 2006 (at that time the suite was still called Virtualize IT) when INSYSTEK announced VirtualCenter beta support availability within a couple of months.
  • The second time was in March 2007 when the company re-announced beta support for VMware ESX Server.

Assuming Virtualize IT and TotalView Suite are the same product (it’s hard to believe that the company started to develop from scratch a new technology after announcing a beta), has to report that the solution has been announced three times but never left the beta, after 1,5 years.

On top of that the entire company website, including the part which should host the beta program, doesn’t show any update since Spring 2007.