Online learning: Introducing Server Virtualization in Microsoft Windows Server 2008

After the unexpected launch of Hyper-V beta 1 in December, Microsoft is starting to produce massive amount of documentation to introduce its new hypervisor, with a peek expected in time for the Windows Server 2008 RTM launch in February.

An interesting resource is a free 2-hours online course, unfortunately still updated to the Hyper-V version included with Windows Server 2008 RC0.

The course includes following lessons:

  • Introduction to Virtualization and Server Consolidation in Windows Server 2008
  • Overview of Virtualization in Windows Server 2008
  • Introduction to Server Consolidation on Windows Server 2008
  • Virtualization Architecture and Management in Windows Server 2008
  • Virtualization Architecture in Windows Server 2008
  • Computer Migration with Windows Server Virtualization
  • Managing the Virtual Environment
  • Continuity and Availability Enhancements with Windows Server 2008
  • Building Dynamic IT Environments
  • Clustering and Backup in Virtual Environments

Enroll it here.