Vanguards network surpasses 450 members

The 1st of November officially launched its own community: the Vanguards network.

This community has slightly different purposes than traditional ones where members can discuss in forums all together: virtualization world is already full of these good efforts, from vendors like VMware, Xen, KVM, Microsoft, Citrix, and many others.

The Vanguards network wants to be a different tool, able to simplify one to one connections between highly skilled virtualization professionals.

Work together in international projects, share experiences about products and technologies, reach virtualization vendors in a more effective way, are all goals of this community since day one.

But something unexpected happened right after the launch: the initiative not only attracted top IT architects from popular system integrators and biggest multinationals, fully busy every day on large scale virtual infrastructures, but also key figures in the industry at management level.

So in just few days we reached and surpassed 450 members, which now surprisingly include representatives from well-known virtualization vendors, like CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, GMs, along with Venture Capitalists and Industry Analysts.

They come from US and Europe for sure, but also from India, China, Japan. All together to reach a new level of interaction with those people which use virtualization at maximum levels.

And we didn’t even start to provide benefits for our members! During 2008 Vanguards will find additional reasons to be members of this community and influence the industry.

Sign up for free and stay tuned!