VMware to release Infrastructure 3.5 today?

virtualization.info already revealed that VMware is going to release this December its new and much expected Infrastructure 3.5 (formerly 3.1), the commercial name for ESX Server 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5 bundle.

Most customers are eagerly waiting to access the bits because of many improvements and major new features, but don’t hope to have the product before the last day of the year.

Against forecasts anyway, VMware may release today, announcing availability at the Lehman Brothers Annual Technology Conference, where Diane Green, company president, will perform the presentation.

A further hint comes from some online magazines which published an article about VI 3.5 release yesterday, way too ahead of time for a Dec 31 launch date.

Diane Greene keynote is set for today at 7.30am (PST) and can be watched live here.

Update: As readers probably saw by themselves Diane Greene didn’t launch VI3.5 today as speculated.

virtualization.info has learned that the definitive launch date is set somewhere in the Dec. 6-11 week.