Will VDI become new standard in server-based computing?

Starting from a misleading CRN article, Brian Madden shares some thoughts about the future of server-based computing. Are Terminal Services farms doomed to be replaced by more complex but at the same time more flexible virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI)?

First, recent changes in hardware have allowed VDI to “narrow the gap” in terms of number of users per server. Now that most servers are dual and quad core (and moving higher), VMware/Xen/Hyper-V can / might scale up on those boxes as good as (or better even?) than Terminal Server.

Some people say “well sure, you can manage the images as one if they are stateless, but stateless won’t work in our environment.” I agree 100%. If stateless doesn’t work, then VDI image management will be a nightmare. But the point that I’m making is not comparing VDI to the traditional method. I’m comparing VDI to Terminal Server, and all Terminal Server sessions are (by definition) stateless since all users on the server share the same disk image…

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