Whitepaper: Planning a Virtual Machine Manager 2007 Deployment

Besides the good Infrastructure Planning and Design for Application and Server Virtualization, Microsoft just published another, smaller guide to introduce designing and deployment issues of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007.

Table of Contents includes:

  • About VMM Components
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Features of VMM
  • Planning for VMM Deployment
  • Supported Configurations
  • Network Considerations
  • Storage Considerations
  • Security Considerations
  • General Security Considerations
  • Required User Privileges
  • About Assigning Ports in VMM
  • Planning for VMM Components and Features
  • Planning for the VMM Library
  • Planning for Hosts
  • Planning for Host Groups
  • Planning for Monitoring and Reporting
  • Planning for Self-Service

While it’s very brief (39 pages) it will be useful for all SCVMM newcomers.

Download the whole paper at the source.