Thinsy announces the 7th Xen-based hypervisor

The US startup Thinsy Corporation joins today the growing crowd of virtualization vendors which are offering commercial products based on Xen hypervisor. Thinsy is the 7th commercial implementaion, immediately after the just announced Oracle VM.

Their EnSpeed VMM has yet to reach version 1.0, but already introduces a different approach in how virtual machines availability is granted: instead of relying on a NAS/SAN facility, this implementation uses a peer-to-peer disk synchronization technology called LiveSync, which allows virtual machines failover onto a secondary host if primary one fails.

Along with it Thinsy aslo provides a web based management solution called EnSpeed VM Orchestrator which provides basic operational capabilities.

Both products can be download here (it’s unknown which kind of restrictions are in place or which will be the final price).