Interview: Techworld interviews Raghu Raghuram of VMware

Techworld published an interesting interview with Raghu Raghuram, Vice President of Data Center and Desktop Platforms at VMware, about future of virtualizationl.

A couple of answers are particularly interesting:

Q: What new products will we see over the next 12 months?

A: What we are introducing today is what gets deployed over the next 12-18 months, such as 10 gig networking, AMD’s virtualisation indexing, IO virtualisation built into cards, MPIV on storage cards, up to 32 cores. Other things that will happen in the ecosystem – we see a great wave of IO virtualisation, increasing cores, and from our own product line – I can’t talk about specifics but you’ll see us being concurrent with these technologies as they come out.

Q: AMD has spoken about the support it will be providing for code parallelisation – can you say what that means for VMware?

A: Yes, we’ve always said that virtualisation is the killer application for taking advantage of the virtualisation support built into the processors, such as the support for threads at the processor level, such as hardware interfaces to have multiple virtual channels so applications can talk to them in parallel. To take advantage of all that without having to rewrite the application or OS – virtualisation is the only way to do it. So we are focused on that, working with AMD and Intel. It’s the next golden age of virtualisation.

Read the whole interview at the source.