Microsoft opens Viridian APIs

From its corporate blog Jeff Woolsey, Lead Program Manager Windows Virtualization at Microsoft, unofficially announces a new version of Windows Server Virtualization (codename Viridian) APIs draft documentation, which now reaches version 0.83.

The updated APIs are now included in the so called Open Specification Promise, a licensing agreement which simplifies development of 3rd party applications for Microsoft technologies, and cover:

  • Partition Management
  • Physical Hardware Management
  • Resource Management
  • Guest Physical Address Spaces
  • Intercepts
  • Virtual Processor Management
  • Virtual Processor Execution
  • Virtual MMU and Caching
  • Virtual Interrupt Control
  • Inter-Partition Communication
  • Timers
  • Message Formats
  • Partition Save and Restore
  • Scheduler
  • Event Logging
  • Guest Debugging Support
  • Statistics

Final version of this documentation will be released along with Viridian RTM, in September 2008.

Read the whole specifications at the source.