VMware hires Massimiliano Daneri of VMBK fame

Massimiliano Daneri, the man behind VMBK.pl, the popular free script able to provide ESX Server virtual machines live backup, is now employed by VMware, virtualization.info has learned.

Besides VMBK, Massimiliano developed other critical utilities for VMware products like the VMCL, the first free tool for ESX Server high availability, and VMTS Patch Manager, which provides enhanced patching capabilities to ESX Server administrators until VMware will release its new Update Manager inside upcoming VI 3.5.

Since this month Massimiliano serves as Senior Consultant for VMware EMEA, mostly involved with Southern Europe customers.

virtualization.info reached him by phone and asked what will happen to his personal work in this new position:

My tools are not part of the agreement with VMware so I will continue to develop them independently.

As in the past, I work on them on my spare time, but this doesn’t mean I will put less effort in development. Instead I’m planning new tools and important improvements on existing ones. I hope to release something in the coming months.

Besides talented developers, is VMware starting to hire popular professionals on the market before someone else will do?