Sun enters the VDI market announcing its own connection broker

With a surprising announcement, which most press magazines didn’t cover, Sun enters the VDI market with its own connection broker: Sun VDI 1.0.

Sun is already busy in the OS virtualization space since a while with its Solaris Containers included in Solaris 10 operating system, but it seems the company is now ready to invade hardware virtualization market as well.

An upcoming update for Solaris 10 in fact will introduce xVM, the Sun implementation of open source hypervisor Xen. And this new VDI seems the best complement for the new plaftorm.

Meanwhile the new solution integrates VMware Infrastructure 3 with well-known Sun Secure Global Desktop (the terminal services technology acquired from Tarantella).

Sun VDI Software will be available in October 2007, priced at $149 per user, and will install on both Solaris and Linux operating systems.

Sun is not playing the virtualization game with VMware and Xen only. The company just signed an agreement with Microsoft to improve xVM and codename Viridian upcoming hypervisors.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.