SWsoft opens Virtuozzo 4.0 beta program

After one year and a half since release of Virtuozzo 3.0 for Linux and 3.5 for Windows, SWsoft is finally ready to unveil new generation of its OS virtualization platform.

The 4.0 version introduces some important new capabilities like:

  • A new GUI, able to manage multiple virtualization hosts
  • A centralized architecture, sharing templates and backups among all virtual environments
  • An enhanced P2V migration tool, able to update on the fly a physical box from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003 and deploy it inside a virtual environment
  • A granular access control system, support LDAP
  • Virtual instances snapshots through Windows Volume Shadow Service (VSS)
  • Bandwidth management
  • Physical CPUs masking (limit amount of CPUs a virtual instance can see)
  • Integrated SNMP MIB
  • Support for virtual SCSI drives inside virtual instances
  • Support for Microsoft Network Load Balancing and Cluster Services inside Windows virtual instances
  • Support for Red Hat Cluster Services inside Linux virtual instances
  • Support fo host-level fail-over of virtual instances
  • Support for physical hardware sharing between several virtual instances
  • Support for VPNs and DHCPs inside virtual instances
  • Support for 3rd party backup solutions at host-level (Microsoft, EMC, Symantec, IBM, CA)
  • Support for VLANs

The beta program, which will start at the end of September, can be enrolled here.

SWsoft expect to release Virtuozzo 4.0 before the end of this year.