New startup Pano Logic enters VDI market

Hosted desktops segment seem the most active recently, with consolidated vendors and new startup launching a connection broker every month.

This time is the turn of a US company called Pano Logic, which is lead by XenSource founder and former CEO, Nick Gault.

Pano doesn’t offer a stand-alone connection broker like other companies in VDI space, but a complete remote virtual desktop solution made of a software agent, which must be installed inside every guest operating systems (Windows XP and Vista only at the moment), a connection broker and a sort of Keyboard / Video / Mouse (KVM) over IP hardware box.

In this first version Pano supports VMware platforms, integrating its connection broker with VirtualCenter, and even provisioning a VMware Server to those customers without a full VDI infrastructure in place.

The Pano offering will be generally available in September 2007 with pricing as low as $20 per month on a subscription basis.