Sun to release Solaris Containers for Linux Applications at the end of this month

Formerly called BrandZ, Solaris Containers for Linux Applications is a major improvement in Sun OS virtualization technology included with its Solaris 10.

Sun started this project at end of 2005, as a general framework to allow applications from other operating systems to seamless run inside a Solaris container (aka zone).

First implementation, focused on Linux and interanlly named lx brand, made its way inside OpenSolaris distribution in Septmber 2006. Now, after one year and a half since beginning, Sun is finally ready to include it in official OS code with upcoming Update 4.

Solaris Containers for Linux Applications, as it was finally renamed, will allow Sun customers to run unmodified Linux binaries made for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS.

The update is expected to be released August 27 at no charge as usual.

Sun was also expected to include Xen in further updates of Solaris, but Citrix acquisition of XenSource may halt this project.