VMLogix announces upcoming support for XenEnterprise 4.0

Same day XenSource announces its new XenEnterprise 4.0, VMLogix announces it will provide virtual lab automation for this platform as well, after already consolidated support for Microsoft and VMware:

VMLogix, a leading provider of virtual lab automation solutions that help software companies and IT organizations leverage virtualization to consolidate lab infrastructure and automate build and test processes, today announced a strategic partnership with XenSource, the leading provider of enterprise-class virtualization solutions based on the high-performance open source Xen virtualization platform. As part of this relationship, VMLogix announces support for XenEnterprise V4 in VMLogix’s flagship product, LabManager. The combined solution will offer a cost-effective, enterprise-class alternative for virtual lab automation…

VMLogix is also about to start a related beta program, which can be enrolled here.